Have you learned something new recently? If so – pat yourself on the back! Learning can be hard work.

But – have you ever unlearned something?

If you aren’t familiar with unlearning – I refer you to the popular “Mythbusters” TV show. I know many people who can’t get enough of this show. They look forward to it each week. I think it makes people feel good to be able to say “I know this isn’t true” – so they can forget about wondering if it was or not.

Plus – they Mythbuster crew likes to blow things up.  That’s always a good time!

I’m going to try to unlearn using underscores for private members in C#.

While this may sound trivial – I’ve felt need to change for several months – but it’s a habit that has crept into a couple of tools – and major chunks of recently delivered products.

Wish me luck!

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