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Have you learned something new recently? If so – pat yourself on the back! Learning can be hard work.

But – have you ever unlearned something?

If you aren’t familiar with unlearning – I refer you to the popular “Mythbusters” TV show. I know many people who can’t get enough of this show. They look forward to it each week. I think it makes people feel good to be able to say “I know this isn’t true” – so they can forget about wondering if it was or not.

Plus – they Mythbuster crew likes to blow things up.  That’s always a good time!

I’m going to try to unlearn using underscores for private members in C#.

While this may sound trivial – I’ve felt need to change for several months – but it’s a habit that has crept into a couple of tools – and major chunks of recently delivered products.

Wish me luck!

Questions are the Answer

A favorite quote if mine is “Questions can shape our lives.”  I also believe the following:

  • Questions lead to answers.
  • Answers lead to actions.
  • Action leads to change.

What questions do you ask yourself? Are you asking “Why isn’t my life more exciting?” or – are you asking “How can I make my life more exciting?” Even better “What exciting new thing can I do today?” The more your questions are specific and achievable – the more likely the ansewr is to to lead to change in your life.

What questions do you ask others? “When are you going to get that report done?” or “Did you do the laundry yet?” Are other’s questions implicitly giving you direction. Direction that you may or may not deserve or want. Can you get others to reshape their questions? “Do you have time to finish that report this week?” “I’m out of white shirts – are you doing laundry today – or should I put in a load myself?”

How about “Will heaven be interesting?” “What does done mean?”