Monthly Archives: November 2008

Trust on the Other Foot

Who do you trust?  Your family?  Significant other?  Your colleagues?  Your client? Your dog?  Your goldfish?  The somewhat wilted potted plant in the corner?

The “who do I trust” perspective is common to all of us.  But it is really only half of the trust equation.

There’s the “Other Trust” I sometimes forget about.  And when I do, it smacks me in the back of the head and giggles.

Then, I stop and ask myself  “Who trusts me?”  and “Why?” or “Why not?”.

I’m working on doing this before I get whacked in the head.  I recommend thinking about the “Other Trust” once in awhile.  It’s a good way to check on the quality of your relationships – and how you are doing with them.  Before you get smacked in the head 🙂